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I'm a tattooist, illustrator, performance artist & friendly human.
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I moved to Toronto in 2015 after living in Norfolk County most of my life, and I’ve been tattooing with a machine since December 2019 after spending a year handpoking tattoos/undergoing an apprenticeship. Before that, I’ve spent time studying UX/UI design, teaching and performing ballet, and visual merchandising/personal styling, but managed to find my passion in art/tattooing.

As a life-long illustrator and self-taught painter, with a background in dance/performance, I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. Art has always been crucial to my personal growth, so it felt natural to focus my professional development around art.

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Tattooing is the most important thing in my life, and the thing that gives me livelihood, so it’s important to me that my clients are over the moon with their pieces. From consulting to application, I treat all parts of the process like a collaboration where I can combine my passion/skills with my clients ideas.



I think that all tattoos are cool tattoos; if it’s something you like enough to put on yourself, then it’s something I would be happy to do, as long as it’s not hateful or hurtful.


Adept in multiple styles

With a background in handpoking, I’m able to do multiple methods of tattooing if you were curious/keen.

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